Lady With ‘No Asians’ Policy on Dating Show Apologizes for ‘undermining Asian men on nationwide television’

A episode that is recent of show “ just Take Me Out Australia” went viral earlier this week after two females cited a “no dating Asians” policy while rejecting among the featured bachelors who’s of Asian lineage.

Just just What further bothered a lot of people ended up being the undeniable fact that those that immediately decided these were maybe maybe not thinking about Sydney-based George Silvino, are, on their own, Asian Australians as well.

“I kind of have actually a ‘no dating Asians’ policy, ” 20-year-old model/musician Gianna Cheung informs host Joel Creasey.

“You kind of appearance a little like my brother, ” she then addressed Silvino.

While visibly astonished, the bachelor of Filipino ethnicity took the remark in stride.

Nevertheless, party teacher/choreographer Sheree Crow would echo the reason, filled with the “brotherly” reason: “I’m sorry, We have a no dating Asian policy aswell. We don’t want to obtain seen erroneously as cousin and cousin, it may get embarrassing. Continue reading