To Intercourse Party or perhaps not to Intercourse Party? I’m a 30 yr old woman that is professional.

I’m a 30 yr old expert girl, surviving in Melbourne, recently solitary, and I also feel just like my sex-life happens to be a tad one dimensional. We keep falling into standard ‘sexual intercourse’ with dudes. It seems considering ‘how quickly can I stick my part of your thing’ and I also need to know just just just what else can be acquired in the intimate menu.

Therefore, we went along to a intercourse celebration. Used to do this with respect to the Passionfruit Tribe (thank you Passionfruit! ) in seek out one thing a bit more sensual… (taking one for the united group, as they say).

’Curiosity’ could be the title of this celebration. It really is run by workshop organisers ‘Curious Creatures’ out of a place in Brunswick. It defines itself since:

‘a very uncommon research of sex, self-development, and liberation. Continue reading