Your attributes that are starting additionally raised by the alternatives into the prologue

1.3: Skills These you can find the relevant skills which presently matter in game play, all skills are selected in the beginning of the game: Skills: 1. Martial arts: need less physical fitness to win a fight (this 1’s on me personally, sorry dudes); 2. Videogames: constantly win the arcade videogame event; 3. No rest: need one hour less sleep; 4. Hung: get +1lp if girls occur to encounter the trouser python (+1lp if you should be into the bathroom with sasha or bree, first asking one to keep counts); 5. Guitar: necessity for sasha’s musical organization event;

6. Cooking: desire gain from eating because of the girls in the early morning (this skill is earnable in game); abilities also influence dpl ( more on that underneath 1.5)

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