“I’m sorry, ” I said, carefully kissing his upper body in the front of me personally. We felt him exhale, adjusting their snug hold on tight me personally protectively.

“I adore you, I adore you, Everyone loves you, ” we cried away, hugging him closely as my walls tightened around him. We felt an euphoric shudder run throughout my own body, screaming out their title prior to their hot fluid shot into me personally. The thrusts became stagnant even as we rode out our highs together, until finally there isn’t anymore movement after all. Jungkook’s human anatomy collapsed onto mine, nevertheless inside of me personally even as we caught our breaths. He nuzzled their face in to the crook of my throat, placing light kisses on my epidermis that danced like butterflies drifting all over me personally. We smiled as he rolled to my part, and I also looked to face him when I curled my human body into their. He slung an arm that is relaxed my waistline and rested their chin on my forehead.

“I’m sorry, ” we stated, carefully kissing their upper body in the front of me personally. He camcontacts was felt by me exhale, adjusting their snug hang on me personally protectively. “I favor you plenty. ”

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