My son received the first dosage of HPV vaccine after which 2 months later he had been sick with serious belly pains, rash and a hassle.

Could the vaccine have caused this illness?

It isn’t most most most likely that the son’s signs had been the total outcome of his HPV vaccination for two reasons. First, how long between your dosage additionally the look of signs isn’t just exactly exactly what one could expect in the event that vaccine ended up being the reason. 2nd, for the three signs you pointed out, the only person that has been regularly reported in HPV vaccine recipients had been frustration, and therefore had been typically reported within 15 times of the dose that is first.

Does the HPV vaccine cause sterility?

No. HPV infections usually do not cause sterility, except indirectly in instances when they progress to cervical cancer tumors, therefore it is maybe not biologically plausible that the HPV vaccine would cause sterility. Towards the contrary, considering that the HPV vaccine decreases the number of cases of cervical cancer tumors, it might indirectly reduce the wide range of females unable to have a child.

We heard tales of girls developing illnesses that are different obtaining the HPV vaccine. Are these tales real?

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