As their title suggests, the claims on collateral of second-lien loans are junior to those of first-lien loans

Second-Lien Loans

Even though they are actually merely another variety of syndicated loan center, second-liens are adequately complex to justify detail by detail conversation right here.

These facilities fell out of favor after the 1998 Russian debt crisis caused investors to adopt a more cautious tone after a brief flirtation with second-lien loans in the mid-1990s. But after standard prices dropped precipitously in 2003 arrangers rolled down facilities that are second-lien help fund issuers suffering liquidity dilemmas.

By 2007 industry had accepted second-lien loans to invest in an array that is wide of, including purchases and recapitalizations. Arrangers tap nontraditional accounts hedge that is, troubled investors, and high-yield accounts – in addition to old-fashioned CLO and prime investment records to fund second-lien loans. Continue reading