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About FLAS

what is flas

African Studies Program

what is flas

Applicants will need to choose an appropriate full-time, intensive language program. Click here for a list of selected French immersion programs. Summer fellows are also required to submit a report to CMES detailing their summer experience abroad. If you are chosen as a fellow, we will send you details of the reporting requirements.

FLAS Fellowships

what is flas

For Academic Year FLAS, you must be enrolled or admitted as a University of Pittsburgh student. FAFSA form to Pitt’s Office of Admissions and Financial Aid before the FLAS deadline in order to determine their level of need. Awards are made on the basis of academic merit and other criteria set by each innernational studies center and the U.S. If you have further questions or suggestions for additions to this list, questions about a particular language, or questions about the selection process of the competition, please contact the FLAS Coordinator of the Center. Awards are made on the basis of academic merit and other criteria set by each Center and the U.S.

If you want to be eligible for a travel reimbursement, you must use an itinerary that complies with the “Fly America Act.” This itinerary must be approved by the US Department of Education. Find an itinerary that complies, send the information to the FLAS Coordinator with your program information, and wait for approval before purchasing your ticket. Two letters of recommendation (With at least one from a language instructor). See below for specifics needed in the letter of recommendation. You must request CRLs (Confidential Recommendation Letters) through the Qualtrics survey system.

It will only consider proposals that pursue specific national, cultural, or regional subjects in which the research or focus of study utilizes a global framework to explore its object of inquiry. Students interested in government service and/or research on critical global issues or areas of national need are especially encouraged to apply. $2,500 summer stipend, plus tuition award for cost of language course only (up to $5,000).

The courses you list in your application are meant to demonstrate your interests and to ensure you understand what is flas the requirements. You will not be required to take the courses you propose in your application.

  • The Fellowship is designed to help students achieve their career goals, such as employment with the U.S. government.
  • The Russian and East European Institute (REEI) administers one of the country’s leading programs in Russian and East European area studies and has been designated one of eleven U.S.
  • Graduate students must be at the intermediate or advanced level of study.
  • A FLAS grant in Sanskrit will only be considered if the student’s project statement adequately demonstrates the applicability of Sanskrit to a topic dealing with modern or contemporary South Asia.
  • We recommend that you speak with UGA’s Office of Student Financial Aid to discuss how a FLAS fellowship would affect your aid package.
  • The online application system will prompt you to submit a separate application for each fellowship, but you only need to submit one set of transcripts, test scores, and recommendations (they will be attached to each of your FLAS applications).

Application Tips

Please contact the CMES Assistant Director about other language possibilities at least one month prior to the application deadline. have completed the equivalent of at least one year of a Middle Eastern language, or two years of any other language and received grades of ‘B’ or higher. Travel funds up to $1,000 are sometimes available but are not guaranteed. All foreign travel must abide by the Fly America Act and satisfy Washington State regulations in order to qualify for travel funding. Travel awards are made as reimbursements to awardees in late summer.

The qualtrics link for Confidential Recommendation Letters (CRLs) will be sent as your applications come into CMES. If you are submitting an application at the last minute, please reach out to SBS- and recommendation links will be sent to your recommendors within a reasonable time of receiving your email request. Please remember your recommendations must be received by the application deadline. Additional Middle Eastern languages may be eligible (i.e. Kurdish, Berber), but they must be approved by the US Department of Education.

FLAS Centers

what is flas

Applicants should plan to have sufficient funds to pay for travel costs in case travel funds are not available. Yes, you will need to submit a separate application for each Center to which you are applying. If you do apply to more than one Center, please ensure that your letters and statement conform with each Center’s FLAS priorities and program. You only need to submit one set of transcripts, test scores, and recommendations. Since the course schedule for next academic year has not been set, refer to this year’s time schedule to get an idea of what courses will be offered next year.

About Summer awards:

Towards the end of your award period, you will be notified to submit your report by the International Education Program Service (IEPS) Department of Education online recording system, IRIS. IRIS will give you a username, password, award number and instructions to access your online report.

Illinois Fellowship Policy and Guidelines:

You are encouraged to submit applications to multiple centers when funding for the language that you are interested in studying is offered by more than one center. The FLAS Application contains two short answer questions and a Statement of Purpose essay. The short answer questions should be written directly on the application form and the essay must be uploaded as a PDF file. The Center for the Study of Global Change specifically supports study or research that is transnational, cross-regional, or global.

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What Is Infinium-8

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