Read more students go to school on Saturday? It is such a plan TEDxFulbrightWarsaw organized under the slogan “Be Bold. Never Regular “. The speakers selected among graduates of the Fulbright Program show that curiosity can take very different forms. The common denominator, however, is the courage to come up against a series, so necessary to change the world. Event participants will be able to hear many interesting lectures and music performances, as well as take part in special workshops.

The speakers will include Margaret Bonikowska (Center for International Relations, THINKTANK Center), Monika Petal (University of Warsaw), Leszek Kaczmarek (Institute of Experimental Biology. Marcel Nencki PAN) and Hanna Mamzer (University. Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan) .Wystąpienia you can follow the link >> >> Margaret Bonikowska – “Politics of the future: possible Consequences of the Revolution 4.0” Casper Gradoń – “We live in the era of (anti) social media and That phones are smarter than us,” Paul Frelik – “Play it again, Sam ‘: Why We Should Take Seriously Video Games “Leszek Kaczmarek -” Understanding the brain in mind “Hanna Mamzer -” How can Contribute psychology is the human-animal welfare? “Marcin Waligóra -” What your pediatrician does not tell you? “Monika Kaczmarek – “Preserving health of future generations through the change in dietary habits,” Cezary Wojcik – “How to change your country: build from problems, create possibilities” Krystyna Malińska – “What is missing Continue reading