This offered a way to grab those marvelous boobs.

I fondled and pinched her world class tits as she worked my cock.

Jenny started moaning herself watching Marlene’s hand milking me as she was now finger fucking. Her eyes glanced during the video clip then back again to our foreplay but she never stopped stroking her pussy.

“Wait, Marlene. I’d like you to tit screw me, ” We begged.

To start with she had been confused then again she took by hard-on and pressed it between those fabulous breasts.

This lasted a short while before Jenny told Marlene, “Come over here and lick my pussy just like the girl had been doing when you look at the movie. “

We assisted Marlene away from her knees and moved her up to the sleep where she was placed by her mind between Jenny’s outstretched feet. Continue reading