We came across their mum, dad and bro plus they instantly didnt anything like me, for just what reason i honestly didnt know when I ended up being constantly courteous and attempted having conversations with them.

His mother i disliked the many because since quickly over him.it was clear as i met her she was very boastful and showed off her home and she was very materialistic, such as saying ‘my husband buys me this and that and he gives me everything i want. Ect, thats all she was interested and was clear, she too was narcissistic. She wasn’t interested in her son (my ex) and even told me he was a failure and they both(his parents) favored the brother. My ex would ALWAYS protect them regardless of what and went against the things I thought for months and he stayed with me, i even remember falling out with him because his dad said he doesnt want a mixed race child in the family tree. And his brother kept telling him everyday that he should get me to abort the baby, i used to get very upset to the point i couldn’t eat about them(which i guess most would) He told them three months into the pregnancy that i was pregnant and took a scan photo round, his mum said nothing but his dad and brother were very angry with him and didnt talk to him.

For your 9 months i never saw their household, he nevertheless talked in their mind nonetheless they had been cool with him.

We separate more times than i’m able to could count as he would constantly put other priorities before me personally and then make claims and didnt keep them, he would make enjoyable of my appearance still, accuse me personally associated with child not being his, call me personally a prostitute and ugly and that im dirty english scum ect. Continue reading