Bangers, Blowjobs and BDSM: searching straight Back at 25 several years of Torture Garden events

(Top picture: Torture Garden co-founder David, right, during the very very very first Torture Garden Japan, in 2001. Picture thanks to David TG)

Recall the club that is opening in Blade? That is amazing, but rather of males in short-sleeved bowling tops and Kangol caps you have got dudes in plastic jock-straps and stilettos. Feamales in corsets and pasties in the place of capri pants and pleather coats. Fire eating, angle grinding and intercourse functions in place of human being bloodstream raining through the roof and Wesley Snipes attacking a lot of vampires with a shotgun.

That spot is Torture Garden, where some guy getting a blowjob because of the club or a lady whipping a person linked with a St Andrew’s Cross is perhaps all element of a typical particular date. Were only available in 1990, this weekend the iconic club that is fetish the biggest of its sort in Europe – is throwing a huge celebration in Elephant & Castle to commemorate 25 many years of torture. Continue reading