26 Items Of Brutally Honest Information To My 26 Yr Old Personal

26 is apparently the peak of adulthood nowadays. You are not any longer a messed up early twenty-something, but neither are you all of that mature or together (at the least, i really hope maybe not, for my personal benefit. ) listed here are 26 items of savagely advice that is honest my 26-year-old self:

Buddies can be worth how much they weigh in silver. perhaps also more for all skinny bitches.

We cannot sing the praises of my buddies any louder or even more obnoxiously. Really, these are typically absolutely nothing in short supply of beautiful, majestic miracles delivered by the world to be sure we don’t break apart in the seams or land in prison on a regular foundation. Them go when you find a good one, don’t let. Continue reading