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To ensure that the 3 catfishing groups had been considerably not the same as the other person, an analysis that is one-way of had been conducted. Outcomes indicated there clearly was a difference that is significant the 3 catfish teams for anxiety, F(2, 1082) = 16.32, p 2005 ). Afterwards, the info came across a few assumptions: very very first, binary logistic regression calls for that the results adjustable be dichotomous; 2nd, the findings in logistic regression should always be separate from one another; third, logistic regression assumes minimal multicollinearity among separate factors; and 4th, a sizable test size (Menard, 2000 ). Finally, three regression that is logistic had been tested. The model that is first whether gender ended up being an important predictor of catfishing status (in other words., perpetrator, target). The 2nd model evaluated whether sex and accessory avoidance had been significant predictors of catfish status. Finally, the 3rd model evaluated whether sex, avoidance, and accessory anxiety had been significant predictors of catfishing status.


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Dining Dining Table 1. Descriptive data and crosstabulation of accessory measurements and online deception status that is dating. Continue reading