DISCOVER YOUR UPCOMING vehicle. There aren’t any extra costs to complete your RBFCU application for the loan through the dealership

It is just a convenience that is additional we have worked with your favored Dealers to produce our people. We additionally supply you with the exact exact same low price in the event that you use in the dealer while you would get for finishing an on-line application for the loan.

Documents needing your signature may be provided for you by mail, e-mail, DocuSign (a way of electronically getting your signature) or fax.

Through the finance phase of one’s deal, many dealerships will ask for those who have a lender that is preferredi.e., credit union, bank or finance company) for the loan. Let them know you need to fund with RBFCU.

We work straight with dealerships through our favored Dealers program to manage the job in the point of purchase and work out the process that is car-buying for you personally.

In the event that you apply for an RBFCU loan in the dealership versus online or in a branch, you are nevertheless receiving all of the advantages of an RBFCU loan — including the great price. The biggest huge difference is that you are finishing the program and shutting your loan in the dealership, that could help you save time and then make the procedure easier.


There aren’t any additional charges to complete your RBFCU application for the loan through the dealership. Continue reading