Online Dating Services. Marketdata Enterprises, Inc. “U.S. Dating Service Marketplace” report parts consist of

Research reports provides in-depth analysis regarding the U.S. marketplace for these types of services from a customer viewpoint, with current reports including “15% of American grownups Use websites or Cellphone Apps”, “Teens, tech & Romantic Relationships”, “Dating & Mating into the Digital Age”, “Couples, the world-wide-web, and social networking” and “Online Dating & Relationships”. Reports can be found free on the web.

Industry Size and Growth Business size and development area provides 36 months of historical performance information and a forecast that is five-year industry overall and also by market portion, with portions which is why information is separately reported including sites and apps, separate matchmakers, date coaches, phone talk lines, radio place datelines, brick-and-mortar companies, singles businesses and occasions, and rate relationship. Continue reading