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Inserting a Table of Contents in an APA Formatted Paper

hi class this is Hector Nunez I want to go over really quickly how to use or insert a table of contents using Microsoft Word so I pulled up an old paper that I worked on some time ago and what I want to do is I’m going to use this paper now that it’s written and I want to insert a table of contents so to do so I first need to define what areas I want to have show up on my table of contents in this S or in this type of paper and in yours as well I don’t recommend going anything past perhaps heading to you can go up to heading 3 if you’d like but heading 1 and heading 2 should be sufficient notice also that I used the title of the paper at the top right at the very beginning of this paragraph when I do that I I won’t typically include this in a table of contents just because it’s the introductory and it’s self-explanatory additionally I start off with the first major header right below it so I have a short introduction and then I go right into the first major header one thing to keep in mind is that when you go to the styles so if you’re on the Home tab of word and you come over here to the right you’ll see that the styles are defined and really we’re looking at heading 1 and heading 2 but if you click on those without first modifying them you’re going to end up getting a change in font color which is going to make your paper non EPA compliant so to fix that I’m gonna highlight my first level header here and then I’m going to right click on heading 1 and I’m going to say update heading 1 to match selection so what you’ll notice is that heading 1 now matches what I currently have formatted on the paper I’m then gonna go to heading or to my second level heading I’m gonna highlight it I’m gonna go to heading to right click and again I’m gonna update heading 2 to match selection now all I need to do is go through and make sure these are selected so that’s head one that’s gonna be heading to I’m gonna go through now I’m just gonna highlight everything that I want to show up and that’s a level 2 heading so again we’ll go ahead and – and really quickly here and all I’m doing is highlighting and just making sure that word knows what level heading it is that I’m also gonna want to do I’m gonna take this references because I want the references to show up in my table of contents but notice that references is not really bold it’s it’s typically written and just regular regular text centered Times New Roman twelve point five so I’m not going to select that is heading wine and you’ll see that it goes bold and I’m just gonna unfold that it’ll keep it as heading one but it just won’t show up bold and it’ll keep me within the EPA parameters and now I’m gonna go ahead and insert a table of content so first thing I was just gonna hit enter right here and we’ll go back and fix that I’m gonna use my up arrow and I’m gonna hit backspace to make sure I’m all the way to the left here I’m gonna go to the references tab and once I’m on the references tab I’m gonna go to the table of contents I’m gonna click that table of contents and you’ll see I have a couple different options as to you know what kind of table of contents I want to use and I’m just gonna select this one right here because it already says table content it’s spelled out pretty well so I’m gonna hit OK now keep in mind that it’s gonna use whatever your default or your default font is so if it’s not Times New Roman with the propria there and reformat the font so I’m gonna go ahead and click that and you’ll notice that once I did that I automatically came in here and did everything that I had selected including my references so I now have a a level-1 level-2 table of contents now I also know that again the blue font that’s not that’s not really APA style so I can I can go in there and I could fix that pretty easily just by selecting Times New Roman 12 and I would probably want to Center my table of contents here I can go into my paragraph settings and make sure that my before and afters are set correctly and that it’s double-spaced to ensure APA compliance and then lastly the font color on the change that to automatic so there you have it so now you have an automatic table of contents that has been generated into your paper and now the last thing you’re going to want to do is you’re gonna want to move this to the next page because you don’t want this starting on the same page as your table of contents so I’m gonna go to insert and I’m gonna just insert a page break there and you’ll see that I’m now on a new page so in this case that I haven’t written my abstract yet so I have my my title page my table of contents and then it goes right into my paper and so this right now is how to easily put in a table of contents the nice thing about this as well is that once you have it in there you can actually control click and it’ll take you to that portion of the of the paper now suppose that while editing and I’m just gonna you would never insert a page break here but let’s say that just while editing you know we type some stuff up above here and now you know everything is shifted down and so what I’m going to want to do is I’m gonna right click on the table of contents and up here I get this update table and I’m gonna click on update table and I only want to update the page numbers because nothing else really changed now had I you know you know inserted a new heading or or make some other significant changes or maybe you rename some of these then I wouldn’t want to update the entire table in this case I just want to do the page number so I’m going to hit OK and you’ll see that the page numbers are now are now different in particularly the this right here this second level heading which I moved to from page three the page four and I’ll show you here it’s now on page four and if in the OP stand the opposite is true if we were to let’s say we were gonna change it back here and we wanted it to be a and we want put it back where it was or we’re deleting something so now a header is so national and international national international level second level heading is now on back on page three again I simply right-click and I can either update field here or I can update field there so we’ll do down here this time so I’m gonna update field you get the same options I’m gonna do update page numbers only I’m gonna hit OK and if you’ll notice now that I’ve done that you’re back to Table three right where it belongs and remember you may need to change the font size if you don’t have Times New Roman 12-point font double spaced set as your default then you may need to go back in there and change that well I hope this has helped please let me know if you have any questions or concerns and hopefully this will make your lives a little bit easier as you prepare your draft paper for the m6 a2 project assignment thank you and have a good day

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The Advantages Of Currency Trading On The Very Best Currency Exchange

The Advantages Of coinmama support Currency Trading On The Very Best Currency Exchange

Before you are able to decide which could be your very best currency market, you ought to know the essential conditions and purposes which compose the forex market. As a way to make this decision easy for you personally, I’ll offer you a review of forms that currency deals have. You’ll find information about they manner in which they work and what the advantages of every are. This will help you select which among the money trades is right foryou.

Currency deals work on a market in which sellers and buyers can set offers and bids over a particular currency pair. The following offerings and bids are represented by virtual currency requests which can be put around the web site within the form of virtual cash transactions.

The website’s purpose dealing with one another or is always to provide an avenue of communication and buying and selling that doesn’t demand paper transactions to merchants and consumers. Folks might desire to trade without being physically existing, so it is important for that website to become more more operational and accessible .

Since these sites operate in an open market place, it creates it easy for traders from all over the world to get and sell currencies. It really is significant because it enables you to get the lowest rates potential in addition to a wide variety of currencies if you’re a trader.

Digital currency trades will also be known as”automated money exchanges.” They got the advantage of staying secure and reliable As they run through automatic applications. The benefits of Utilizing these types of sites include:

A vitally significant part on-line trading involves making use of your own computer to perform such purposes for you. This computer software takes orders connects to the Internet, and also procedures these mechanically. The software will deliver the trades to the acceptable websites and your currency can begin to go.

Much like absolutely any form of trading, you ought to be aware. You have to make sure that you aren’t currently receiving involved in an illegal transaction and that the website is valid. It’s also important to produce certain you’re having a reliable company to conduct your trades together with.

You need to accomplish your research to pinpoint which is your very best currency exchange. Visit you demand. Out other websites can try to produce your own purchases if you really don’t find what you are searching for there.

Make sure the site you select has a great deal of details about its website and that you know what you’re going to use it to get. That isn’t any point should it not serve a purpose in buying something. Consistently examine fees and the cost procedures which the site charges ahead of you actually make the purchase.

It is important to recognize it is still better than dealing with a scam organization, while that is not exactly the best information for those that wish to start trading however aren’t sure regarding the advantages. It is always a good notion to talk together along with traders to reviews and their opinions to make sure that the internet site has ethics.

It’s time to begin learning much additional, When you have made a decision to utilize this site. Learn everything you can about this and make sure that you are all set to enter in to a trade.

Learn more about the diverse options, the web site offers and how you can utilize these features to improve your operation. Many of the solutions provided on these sorts of sites incorporate the capacity to oversee your account and verify your accounts. Learning to learn the market conditions along with steps to make your transactions will be able to help you get going more quickly.

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