‘Millionaire Matchmaker’ provides brand new group of guidelines

Certainly, she acknowledges the secret and need for chemistry — a concession into the modern concept of intimate love that the matchmaker that is classical perhaps maybe not make — but she additionally pushes guys toward females (and homosexual guys toward males) that are age-appropriate and accomplished. Up To a homosexual male client who admitted that their sole requirements for a mate is “good-looking” and “in form, ” she replied: “But looks fade, and dumb is forever, ” an aphorism which has been celebrated on multilple web sites.

I inquired Ms. Stanger whether she considers herself a feminist. We had relocated to the seminar space during the Marina del Rey office, its walls adorned with framed posters from intimate movies that are old “Casablanca” and “Roman Holiday, ” and Ms. Stanger had been soliloquizing concerning the challenge of “retaining our feminism, also our femininity, ” at any given time whenever numerous females are “surpassing males economically. ”

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