As a young child we dropped for Merle in every night in Paradise — an easy method cheezy confection for which she actually is combined with Turhan Bey. </p> <h2>The looked at Merle crossing paths with Maria Montez when you look at the Universal commisary is just too delicious. </h2> <p>David, From the Powell stating that and in addition thought it had been insanely odd. We have the impression that a lot of Hollywood individuals, whatever sorts of casual slurs they might utter, simply sort of shrugged it off–when these people weren’t resting with both sexes like rabbits in heat, that is. (that is not a critique, head you, i do believe the part that is rabbits-in-heat certainly one of Hollywood’s great charms. ) We have heard of Turhan Bey extravaganza and seeing Oberon in costume you think that people were consciously ignoring the obvious for it just makes. It absolutely was exactly about deniability, i suppose. </p> <h2>P.S. Warmest congrats in the Red Shoes gig!! Which is a pleasure to read. </h2> <p>To commemorate the bicentenary of Chopin’s delivery this I’m hoping to track down and re-watch A Song to Remember, with Cornel Wilde as Chopin and Queenie herself as George Sand, always trying to steal Chopin away to Majorca year. We remember it being a film that is truly terrible but i am not exactly the snob I happened to be once I saw it (or maybe a different type of type of snob). It can have one or more priceless scene, though: while Chopin, newly found its way to Paris from Poland, has been told he is too old to be a kid prodigy ( that he truly is), he hears their music being played within the room across the street. Whom should really be playing it nevertheless the earth’s best pianist, Franz Liszt? Chopin joins when you look at the performance, so when the 2 guys shake fingers, each goes on playing the songs, one hand each. Ridiculous. Marvellous. </p> <p>My fave rabbit-in-heat has been Burt Lancaster. </p> <p>David, my favorite RIH is Oliver Reed. <a href="" class="more-link">Continue reading</a></p> <p>