Gaslighting and dual criteria. Kalinda’s sex had been a shock!

We along with other individuals who called out the addition of Waverly with this list ended up being literally called shitty by the individual you describe as diplomatic, that has been the true point once I stopped being good. Funny how you’re OK with this but need as any proof from me an evidence of my good will, expecting I’ll spend hours looking for and making screenshots of my words and upload it to some server just so you would say it doesn’t matter anyway because you don’t see it. Just like being called that is“shitty “diplomatic behavior” in this alt-reality.

And that is just what angers me personally the absolute most about any of it situation. Gaslighting and standards that are double. Calling out detailing as bisexual the type who’s most likely gay – as she also utilized the phrase to spell it out herself – can be an assault on bisexual individuals now (that’s why we talked about insinuation of biphobia in addition, but of program we bet you didn’t view it this way either similar to name-calling is diplomatic) and now we shouldn’t have any difficulty because “who’s harmed by that”. Continue reading