‘Ask Prince Andrew, ’ says Donald Trump on Epstein in unearthed meeting

The now United States President was expected about just what went on at Epstein’s ‘cesspool’ personal island back 2015

At a current white home press seminar, US President Donald Trump said of Ghislaine Maxwell, ‘I wish her well. We don’t understand the situation with Prince Andrew. Just don’t understand, maybe maybe not alert to it. ’ Yet regardless of the President’s assertion that he’s ignorant of Maxwell and Epstein’s previous participation with the Duke of York, a newly-unearthed meeting from 2015 has recommended otherwise.

Maxwell is dealing with six charges associated with her links to her previous boyfriend, the late US financier and convicted paedophile, Jeffrey Epstein. The british former socialite was denied bail, and will now stay in detention for a year ahead of her trial next summer at her first US court hearing last week.


Trump ‘wishes Ghislaine Maxwell well’ as she awaits test in Brooklyn prison

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  • 3 days ago
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